Monday, February 28, 2011


Please do not forget that March 6-9th  is our Revival meeting with Rick Coram. I have never been around Bro. Rick that I have not been encouraged and blessed. I have shared with you before that 99% of the time it is my desire to have men in our pulpit that I have not only heard preach, but men that I know personally. Bro. Rick has been a dear friend and a brother to me for close to 10 years; he has preached youth camps for me, he has preached revivals for me, but most of all he has been a dear friend to me. He loves people, the Word and our Lord, and I can tell you right now that he will be an incredible blessing to our Church. He is the Staff Evangelist at North Jacksonville Baptist Church where Bro. Herb Reavis is Pastor - many of you who pick up North Jacksonville’s TV broadcast have shared with me that you heard Bro. Rick preaching there a few weeks ago. For those of you have heard him, I will not need to encourage you to be here as you already are aware of the blessing he will be! For those of you who have not had the joy of hearing Bro. Rick, I can guarantee you that you hear the Word of God preached with joy and zeal! Please make every effort to be faithful - we make time for everything else from ball to television, certainly we, as believers, can take time to come together and gather around His Word.

Just so you are aware, we will have or normal Sunday services, but then Monday-Wednesday we will begin each night at 6pm. We will also be serving dinner each weeknight from 4:45-5:45 so come ready to fellowship and feast both physically and spiritually (please sign up at the ticket counter or call the office to sign up for meals)!  I look forward to spending this time with our church family gathered around the Word!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a Wonderful Time!

This thought of “What a wonderful time this month has been!” has been expressed to me verbally, in cards, letters and to other members of our staff! This month, as we have celebrated “I Love My Church,” has been an incredible time for our Church family. We have already seen 28 people go through our latest New Members Class and we already have about 10-12 more waiting for the next one to start. We have received some of the most stirring love letters to Trinity, which have served as an encouragement and blessing to all who have read them. We have highlighted some incredible ministry opportunities that many of you were not even aware of. We have had people step up to be willing to serve in our Kid Care, AWANA and other ministries, but most of all we have begun to see clear demonstrations of our membership understanding what it means to BE a church and not just to ATTEND a church. As we are headed into our final week of “I Love My Church,” I want to encourage you to finish this last week by “Loving by Inviting.” I want to encourage you to invite your friends, family and co-workers, that do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior to Trinity this Sunday. While we have no control over someone coming to Christ, we all have a responsibility to share the gospel and take every opportunity we are given to invite them to hear the gospel. Please be in prayer regarding this Sunday.

I love you and am overjoyed at what our Lord is doing in our midst. Thank you for your faithfulness, your outstanding letters and your participation in making this month spectacular. I want to encourage all of us to not stop focusing on the incredible grace that God has shown us at Trinity, but let’s make this “I Love My Church Year.” We have so much to be thankful for. I want to close with a few quotes from the letters we have received:

“I love that as a church, we have been through material like Peacemaker and The Marriage series. God has used these teachings to change my attitude at work and home.”

“I love AWANA, the way they teach is amazing. The teachers act like our friends.”

“I love the new found accountability”

“I love my church because people genuinely care about each other.”

“I love Trinity because it has provided me a refuge to come and be encouraged and empowered with God’s Word and Truth!”

“I feel like we are working towards a common goal and that is to spread the Gospel”

“I love that we are challenged to think through Scripture”

“I love the resources on the book table that are so biblical and challenging for me”

“I love my wonderful Bible Fellowship Group”

“Trinity is not like anything I’ve ever been apart of, with solid doctrinal teaching that blows away false religion and biblical ignorance.”

“Trinity always points me to the cross”

“I joined the choir and found what a caring family they are”

“There is so much we love about Trinity but first and foremost is the fact that God is so obviously present and working out His plan in this body.”

“I love Trinity because she has a vision to win the lost to Christ!”

“I believe God is going to use Trinity Baptist Church in a miraculous way to impact the world as we begin to learn and apply the truth of making disciples.”

“I love that we have a children and student ministry that is passionate about training parents to lead their children”

“I love the proclamation of the Word.”

“I love you for your concern for the well being of others.”

There are so many of these types of quotes on wonderful letters in our lobby! Thank you Trinity for allowing this to be such a wonderful month!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Man Up!!

I saw this blog some time ago and it simply reconfirmed some truths that I already knew... but it will do all of us some good to reread this. Men, you want to know why we put so much emphasis on you leading your home? God’s commands are always better than political correctness! Hope this blog enlightens, convicts and encourages all of us.

God Knew What He Was Doing in Commanding Men to Lead
An example via Justin Taylor:

Robbie Low, writing in Touchstone (June 2003), points to an interesting 1994 study in Switzerland about the connection between the churchgoing habits of fathers and mothers and the effect on their children when they are grown.

Here’s a summary:

In short, if a father does not go to church, no matter how faithful his wife’s devotions, only one child in 50 will become a regular worshipper. If a father does go regularly, regardless of the practice of the mother, between two-thirds and three-quarters of their children will become churchgoers (regular and irregular). If a father goes but irregularly to church, regardless of his wife’s devotion, between a half and two-thirds of their offspring will find themselves coming to church regularly or occasionally.

A non-practicing mother with a regular father will see a minimum of two-thirds of her children ending up at church. In contrast, a non-practicing father with a regular mother will see two-thirds of his children never darken the church door. If his wife is similarly negligent that figure rises to 80 percent!

The results are shocking, but they should not be surprising. They are about as politically incorrect as it is possible to be; but they simply confirm what psychologists, criminologists, educationalists, and traditional Christians know. You cannot buck the biology of the created order. Father’s influence, from the determination of a child’s sex by the implantation of his seed to the funerary rites surrounding his passing, is out of all proportion to his allotted, and severely diminished role, in Western liberal society.

... [W]hen a child begins to move into that period of differentiation from home and engagement with the world “out there,” he (and she) looks increasingly to the father for his role model. Where the father is indifferent, inadequate, or just plain absent, that task of differentiation and engagement is much harder. When children see that church is a “women and children” thing, they will respond accordingly—by not going to church, or going much less.

Curiously, both adult women as well as men will conclude subconsciously that Dad’s absence indicates that going to church is not really a “grown-up” activity. In terms of commitment, a mother’s role may be to encourage and confirm, but it is not primary to her adult offspring’s decision. Mothers’ choices have dramatically less effect upon children than their fathers’, and without him she has little effect on the primary lifestyle choices her offspring make in their religious observances.

Her major influence is not on regular attendance at all but on keeping her irregular children from lapsing altogether. This is, needless to say, a vital work, but even then, without the input of the father (regular or irregular), the proportion of regulars to lapsed goes from 60/40 to 40/60.

And of course what is best for kids is not dad simply attending church regularly, but dad loving and leading 7 days a week in response to the gospel's capture of his heart.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cloaked Culture

"But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned," (Matt. 12:36)

It doesn’t take being around me very long to know that I love college football - and that I specifically love the Georgia Bulldogs. I love the character and strong testimony of our coach, Mark Richt.  But, as I sat in Memphis, TN and watched the Liberty a fan, I was sick. I will not go into my analysis of the game (it wouldn’t really change anything), but what I will go into are the thoughts I have had as a believer concerning the things stated about Mark Richt.

Now, in case you are thinking… "are you going to rant about football?” or “are you going make a case on your blog for your coach?” the answer to both of those questions is no. However, as this year has progressed and I have read about the Dawgs on sports sites and blogs, the passage in Matthew 12:36 came to mind. I would read these amazing personal attacks on Coach Richt, and knowing in all probability that if he is as smart as I believe he is, he doesn’t go near those blogs. It still made me think what kind of “inter-nutter” would rant about a man this way. The things that our Dawg Fanbase use to love about him (his calm demeanor for example) is now seen as a nonchalant attitude, a man who could care less about football. As I read the post about Coach Richt, I thought how differently people would probably perceive this blogger if they could see them face to face and knew their background. I mean when “Bud” can post about how bad the play calling was, but he has the body type of what looks like the child of Pee-Wee Herman and Granny from the Beverly Hillbilly’s, I imagine it would diminish his “professional” opinion. Oh, the beauty of anonymity!

I say this to bring into light the fact that when we write in this cloaked culture of anonymity, whether it is about a coach, a political figure, a church, pastor or athlete, God allows nothing to anonymity. The problem in our culture today is there is no fear of God. The argument always comes up about the right to “speak our mind” but in truth, our rights were purchased by Christ at Calvary. All of this to say, even when commenting on something as trivial as football, in light of eternity I still am called to guard my speech. I can’t say whatever I want, because I don’t belong to me!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Trinity Baptist Church,

I love you for what you are, for what you could be, will be and should be. I love the Savior that rescued you and the price that He gave to ransom you, His life. I love how you have held to the Bible as your guide through the years and how many people sacrificed to see you thrive. I love how many individuals died to their preferences for the good of your development in order to unite separate churches as one. I love how you have embraced the new generation of young people and not forsaken the elderly in the process. I love how you have ministered to thousands of people in the booming community of Desoto County and around the world. I love how social you are and how passionate about missions you are. I love the diversity in socioeconomic statuses and the range of ages that exist within you. I love your potential for racial diversity and cultural diversity to represent the power of the gospel to unite.

You are not without spot or blemish, but you will be made white as snow. Your repentance is refreshing and your growth is evident. You have a beautiful exterior physical frame, but your beauty and your substance will still shine if the building falls. People are your substance, devoted people. They are believers that have counted the cost and are living and sharing the Gospel. You are kind and compassionate and have a desire to honor your pastors and to follow Christ. You desire a Biblical community and you are warring for peace. You have endured hardship and disagreements and have persevered. I love you and am captivated by your potential and by your current beauty.

My prayer is that I would love you, sacrifice for you, protect you, lead you, honor you, and mature you. The love of Christ for Trinity Baptist Church makes my love pale in comparison. His love is not merely in the abstract and directed at the Church Universal. It is a specific love for a particular people. It is a love that knows our faults and yet endured the cross for us and has promised to complete us and make us holy. The gates of hell will not prevail against us as the Groom, Christ Jesus, wages our war. Our hope is in Him. Our growth will come from Him. Our direction will be given by Him. He will meet all of our needs as we follow His Word. I love you, Trinity Baptist Church, for all that you are and all that you do. May God be pleased in advancing His Kingdom through you for the sake of His fame!

In Christ,

William Bradford Walker

Thursday, February 10, 2011

“Loving My Church”

It has now been four years since I first was introduced to the Church family of Trinity. I can remember that day vividly because of the overwhelming receptiveness and friendliness of our Church body. My family and I were greeted with open arms - and that’s what I love most about our Church. In a church this size we are so different and are at many different stages of life. That’s what makes us so unique!!! If we were all the same, it would make a pretty boring place to be. God has designed and brought together a fellowship of different ethnic backgrounds, cultural background and nationalities that have a common interest in desiring God. In these four years a lot of water has passed under the bridge with changes of faces, ministries, and the vision for the church. Because of these changes, I can say that we are a stronger, more Biblically-based Church than we were when I first joined our fellowship four years ago. I thank God for the “trials” we have experienced because it has brought our focus off of ourselves, and back on God. We are finally realizing that church is not about what we want individually…it is unequivocally about what God desires for Trinity…I can say without reservation, it is a joy to love and to serve my Church!

I also love my Church because of the leadership God has crafted together. We have some of the best Bible study teachers I have ever had the opportunity to serve with. From the teaching on Sunday mornings, to the facilitating of disciplining classes on Sunday evening and during the week, to the “one on one” disciplining of each other, it truly excites and encourages me how God is working within our Church body.

Working on staff at Trinity reminds me how fortunate I am to work with a team that only God could have put together. It is not by accident that God has put this group of individuals together because they are so supportive of each other. Our administrative staff is second to none. I know they each love our Church immensely - they work so hard and are so faithful to the Church and ministerial staff. Finally, it is great to work on a staff that supports each other, loves each other, and has a common goal - which is serving Christ through serving our fellowship!

I thank God for Trinity…


Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love My Church

I love coming to a place where there’s an importance placed on the glory of God.

I love serving with a staff that values discipleship over programs and seeking to honor Christ over just doing what’s “always been done” for the sake of tradition.

I love teaching a Bible Fellowship Group full of people who desire to grow in the Word and desire to hold each other accountable to a Holy standard of living.

I love dropping my child off in a nursery where I know people will care for her and treat her like she was their own child. I love that we look at childcare as everyone’s duty in ministry, not just those with children currently in childcare.

I love that we place an importance on investing in children and their families. They are not the future of the church, they ARE the Church.

I love getting to come to church and worship with people who are like FAMILY. Trinity is a place that feels just like home. It’s great to have people you can walk through life with and depend on, no matter what.

I love being able to worship in Spirit and in Truth every single Sunday, knowing that the Worship Service was carefully planned and thought through intentionally to bring honor and glory to God, not primarily to attract people.

I love watching volunteers, servants, and BFG teachers who sacrifice their time to invest in our people. Even more, I love the way they do it, time and time again, with excellence and without complaint.

And lastly, I love being at a place where Christ & His Word are center in everything we do.

I love my Church,

Brian “Bubba” Crowder

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Trinity, My Brothers and Sisters in Christ...

I want to express my appreciation and love to you, for how you have loved my wife and my children. When we moved here nearly two years ago, our children were at an age when moving was difficult because of the deep friendships they had developed over the years. The adjustment was hard - but through your encouragement, your interest in them, and making them a part of this body, the transition has been smooth. I can say the same for Carol Ann and myself.

In the short time we have been here, we have seen the Lord work in our Church as He is stirring up within us a desire for unity and love. In 2 Corinthians 13:11, it states: “Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.” One aspect that I love about you, our Church, is that we are growing in these things. We are not perfect and will always have things to work on and grow in until our Lord comes back, but the process of growth and sanctification is evident: I have seen relationships restored as forgiveness and grace has been given; hurting families and individuals comforted and ministered to through the sacrifice of individuals and BFG classes. While we may not always agree, we agree that Jesus is our Lord, and that the grace He has extended to sinners like us, is the same grace that we extend to our brothers and sisters. It is wonderful that we are striving to live in peace. I am so thankful that our faith family is growing in this area of unity and love, and for the resultant ministry that flows out of such dedication. As Paul said: “Owe no one anything, except to love each other…” Romans 13:8

What I also love about our faith family is the hunger. You make me hungry, and I am not trying to make an excuse to eat! Rather, being with you increases my hunger for the Word of God, and for righteousness. How does this happen? It happens when our Church responds in faithful obedience to the Word of God; it happens when people who were not serving, see the importance of serving for the sake of the gospel; it happens as I see a brother or sister respond to God’s Word, through faith, by making changes in their lives, or responding in a Biblical way, or sharing the Gospel with an unsaved friend. Being around you increases my hunger for righteousness, as iron sharpens iron. In addition, I want my children around people who crave the Word of God like an infant craves milk.

I love you for the very reason Paul writes in Philippians “…pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” We are not there yet, but your love for one another, the unity we work for, and the hunger for the Word of God are just a few of the things I love about my faith family at Trinity. I know our love will continue to grow as we serve one another, as we encourage, and walk this journey together. I love you for who God has created our faith family to be, and look forward to maturing with you in order that Christ’s name will be made known in Desoto County and into the entire world.

With deepest love,

Jeff Summers