Thursday, July 21, 2011

Questions for a Godly Wife to Ask Her Husband

Well ladies, now it is your turn. The questions for the men were on the previous blog and now we have some for you. If you have never asked your spouse questions like this before, it can be uneasy and even scary. After all, you may read these and think: “I really don’t even want him/her to answer this!” But the best thing you can do when asking things like this, is simply let them answer and thank them for their honesty. The worse thing we can do is explain why we act a certain way, or “defend” our actions. Remember, you are asking and, usually because no one likes correction, your spouse is going to try avoiding the answer or not giving “the real answer,” but something easier. Just thank them and love them - our desire as Christian men and women should be to better glorify Christ. Our spouse is given to us as a gift, to help us better glorify God. Are you ready ladies?

- What is something I can do that makes you feel loved by me?

- What are some things I can say in front of our children that would make you feel respected and honored?

- How can I make your time when you come home from work more restful and relaxing?

- What are some things I say or do that make you feel like I am being disrespectful?

- What is your desired expectation for physical intimacy?

- How can I spiritually encourage you?

- How can I best care for you when you are discouraged?

- What is the best way to approach you if I feel our schedule is out of control?

- How can I support you in the discipleship of our children?

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