Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy 19th Anniversary!

Each year at this time I share that I try not make my blog a “home movie” presentation. I usually try not to use this blog just for my personal sharing (unless there is some application for it), because most people don't really enjoy “home movies” of other families. The one exception I make to that is during the week of our wedding anniversary: So let me just state to my precious wife what she means to me.


As I look at the picture above I am still amazed that you said “yes”. I am so glad the Lord never allowed us to see what was in store for us, from health issues to tough times in the ministry because I fear that if He would have allowed us to see what was in store, you may have chosen someone with a little less craziness. But through our 19 years, we have grown up, I look much older, and you have grown more gracious and beautiful to me. You have influenced our boys from babies to now being young men by honoring our Lord first, and me secondly with your kindness and grace that surpasses my dreams. When I asked for your hand in marriage I was amazed that someone as beautiful as you would be willing to spend your life with someone like me. I know the Bible is clear that beauty fades, but yours seems to grow more radiant with time. If our city had gates as  mentioned in Proverbs 31, I would be known at them because of you. You have never preached a sermon, but you have exuded patience and grace by loving the worse sinner I know, me. You have seen me at my best and worst and you have loved me through both. Every year, I intentionally refuse to read what I wrote to you the year before so I will not get any “ideas” and what I write to you will be new and fresh to me, but the truth is I am sure I have repeated myself numerous times when talking about what I love about you, because so many of them have remained consistent. Your faithfulness and consistency is so much a part of your beauty. Our boys have a Dad who loves them greatly and strives to lead them, however, they have a Mom who exemplifies the character and grace of a woman whom they should search for as a wife. I can sincerely pray that our boys meet someone with the same qualities as their mom. 

I know that in the past some blogs have been longer, probably more orderly and maybe even more eloquent. But over the last 19 years you have nursed my body and soul back to health. You have spoken truth to me, you have listened to me complain, resign , rejoice and laugh sometimes all in the same hour. But you have remained steady and faithful. When I think about all the crazy things I did as a rebellious teenager, and then as a young man who just never really showed a lot of stability, it makes so much sense to me that God, in all of His grace, gave me you. God has and still uses you in my life to give wisdom, grace and stability.

Happy 19th—I am so blessed. I love you.