Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Be Ready for Sunday!

I want to encourage you to please be in prayer regarding this Sunday October 10th. Bro. David Miller will be with us for our Sunday morning and evening service at Trinity. Bro. David has preached many Founders’ Days at Mid-America and many members of Trinity have probably heard Bro. David there. I heard Bro. David Miller as a young boy and was enchanted at this man whose body was in a wheel chair, but whose mind and ability to communicate the Word of God was extraordinary. If I had only one Preacher that I had to listen to the rest of my life, I believe Bro. David Miller would be that Preacher! He has served as a counselor, an encourager and at times a living commentary that I have called to get his thoughts on a particular passage. He has been used in the conservative resurgence in our Southern Baptist Convention, and specifically in the role of being a Trustee at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He deals with the Word of God honestly and holds nothing back in dealing with the text. In a day when so many men will stand before a church but become weak when having to preach the Word, Bro. David sits in a wheel chair before the church and stands as strong on the Word of God as any preacher I know of. Please be in prayer for this meeting, and ask God to prepare your heart to receive the Word of God. Looking forward to Sunday!!!