Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary to a Dear Friend

Two boys…Zach and Cobb.  Cobb could not even speak clearly, yet. They later had a pretty little red head named Katey Jo - but when I met the Summers family she was not even in their plan. It was my first pastorate and we were seeing a crazy amount of people come to Christ and the people were coming in so fast, I didn’t know what to do. Michele was working at Children’s Home with Bro. Jeff Summers - and Carol Ann’s uncle was on staff with my Dad.   Bro. Jeff was recommended to me through two people that I love dearly…my wife and my Dad.

Well, long story short, Bro. Jeff Summers began serving with me over 13 years ago and I know of no one in the ministry who has been any more faithful to the Lord, or any more passionate about his ministry, than Bro. Jeff. I have watched him pour his life into parents and children alike. I have watched his boys grow up to be great young men, and I have watched Carol Ann do everything from lead a choir, to help clean up when the church needed it, and everything in between. I have watched Bro. Jeff stand on the Word of God when it would have been of great personal convenience for him to compromise... I have even watched staff members through the years live to protect self over truth, and Bro. Jeff has never displayed such a fear of man. He has been a counselor to me, he has been a tennis opponent, he has been a co-worker but most importantly he is an outstanding friend and brother in Christ - and my life and my ministry are better because of the way God has used him. All of this to say, when Bro. Jeff and his family came to serve at Trinity he didn’t know what all it would entail, but when he came, I knew he was “thoroughly equipped for every good work.”  I thank God that the Lord brought him here, and Sunday we will celebrate his two year anniversary!  But in our lives personally -  in my boys life he has been their Children’s Pastor,  and to Michele and me he has served as Pastor to our family in so many ways. All this to say "Happy Two Years Bro. Jeff", but more than that, I am thankful for all the years the Lord has given us to serve together, know that I count it a joy to go through this walk with you.  Thank you for being who God has called you to be!