Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love My Church

I love coming to a place where there’s an importance placed on the glory of God.

I love serving with a staff that values discipleship over programs and seeking to honor Christ over just doing what’s “always been done” for the sake of tradition.

I love teaching a Bible Fellowship Group full of people who desire to grow in the Word and desire to hold each other accountable to a Holy standard of living.

I love dropping my child off in a nursery where I know people will care for her and treat her like she was their own child. I love that we look at childcare as everyone’s duty in ministry, not just those with children currently in childcare.

I love that we place an importance on investing in children and their families. They are not the future of the church, they ARE the Church.

I love getting to come to church and worship with people who are like FAMILY. Trinity is a place that feels just like home. It’s great to have people you can walk through life with and depend on, no matter what.

I love being able to worship in Spirit and in Truth every single Sunday, knowing that the Worship Service was carefully planned and thought through intentionally to bring honor and glory to God, not primarily to attract people.

I love watching volunteers, servants, and BFG teachers who sacrifice their time to invest in our people. Even more, I love the way they do it, time and time again, with excellence and without complaint.

And lastly, I love being at a place where Christ & His Word are center in everything we do.

I love my Church,

Brian “Bubba” Crowder