Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What a Great Day!

Let me say that I am glad we opted for the chairs! Our first Sunday in the new building and we were about 90% full - but we can add additional chairs when we have to!   Honestly, right now it is so nice to be all together in a place of our own where we can be the church, that a little "family togetherness" is not a bad thing. 

The number of people that have helped us even get to this point starts with our faith family, but it moves even beyond that to other individuals and churches that God has used to simply show favor to us. For that, I am forever grateful!  We are obviously in the renovation stage and people are working all around us and will be for some time.  We are hoping for carpet in the auditorium before Christmas but until then, and even well after that time, there is a considerable amount of work to be done. There have been so many people in our fellowship that have made it crystal clear that they are more than willing to help - and that makes us a very good team because we are very much in need of help.  As I stated Sunday, we need people on our Parking Team, Greeters and individuals who will be willing to help on Saturdays at 10 am to set up chairs. Until the carpet is put down we are going to have to take up chairs as a fellowship every Sunday (that took about 10 minutes since everyone helped).   Each of the next 4-5 Saturdays we will need teams of volunteers to give about an hour of time to set out chairs and make sure the auditorium is ready to go for Sunday.   The chairs will be in the Worship Center all we will need to do is set them up. You can sign up on Michele’s facebook page or email anyone on our staff and we will get it to the right person. Below, you will find the dates and the staff member heading them up. You DO NOT have to contact the staff member that is over that particular week, but we do need you to contact someone so that we know every weekend is covered. So, look at these dates and your calendar and see if you would be willing to help one or more of these Saturdays please. All Teams meet at 10 am.
11/22    I am over this team

11/29    John Miller

12/6     Bruce Roberts

12/13   Jeff Summers

12/20   Bubba Crowder (we are hoping carpet is down by this time)

Again, the more we have volunteer, the quicker the set up is... but if you will plan for just over an hour, that should be enough. We had a wonderful first Sunday and many more to come, but let’s finish out this year faithfully and pray our Lord will use Trinity in a great way. Please contact us as soon as you can if you can help on any of these upcoming Saturdays.  

See you Sunday!