Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"I Love Trinity" Letter from Bro. John Miller

As I think about my love for Trinity Baptist Church, I think about Christ’s love for the Church. He gave himself to die to redeem it. To me this means we are to imitate Jesus in this respect:  He gave himself to suffer on the cross to save the church, so we are to be willing to deny ourselves, to bear toil and trial, that we may promote the bride of Christ. 

Trinity has been through good and not so good times because of many different reasons, but probably one reason is that people have not practiced self-denial, so therefore Christ and His church suffer.  The Bible says that Christ rules over the church, Trinity Baptist Church, and has a right to direct and control it, so we must put "self" aside.  During my years at Trinity Baptist Church, I have seen many men and women who have given of themselves through time, trails, and service to bring people to the saving grace of Jesus.  Men and women who have gone beyond what was expected, who have taught Sunday School and Bible studies for years, who have sat in committee meetings without any recognition, men and women who just love the Lord and are willing to serve for His glory. That is another reason I love Trinity.

“Even as Christ loved the church...”  This is the strongest love that has ever been shown clearly in this world. So, we ought to love the church in the same way. How can a man or woman say they do not love the church and claim to love Christ? “Love” means to feel affection for, to adore, to care for, be devoted to, to find irresistible:  it is an action word. We are to make the love which Christ had for the church be the model for our lives in everything.
I love this church because I have witnessed the love of Christ at Trinity Baptist Church in the past and I expect to continue to witness our love for Jesus Christ, His people and His church in 2013.

Just For Jesus
Bro. John