Monday, November 7, 2011

Heading into the Holidays!

As we enter into the “holidays” and especially toward this Thanksgiving time, I wanted our staff to have an opportunity to express what they are thankful for and what Trinity means to them.  I hope you enjoy these next few blogs and know that we, your staff at Trinity, love you wholeheartedly and pray that God will continue to grow us, as a body, into full maturity in Him!  We pray that we continue to grow in grace and that His grace would be evident in each of us as believers!  

From Bro. John Miller: 

This past year, I have been blessed by the Men’s Fraternity study. Seeing men come together at 6:00 a.m. to take part in the quest for authentic manhood has been uplifting, even if it is at 6:00 a.m.!  Thank you,  Bro. Chad for leading this study.

Rosie and I have had our health difficulties over the past 6 months…and many folks have shown their love in many different ways, not only to Rosie and I, but to other folks who are in need. When there is a senior adult death or a senior adult in the hospital, so many of you are serving and ministering to meet the needs. This is truly an evidence of grace.  Trinity is a church that cares about people.   John 13:34-35    “Reaching upward, Always Growing” is our motto and goal for the senior adults. I’m thankful to know there has been growth in the senior adults by learning the truths of the gospel through Sunday School and worship service, and by serving in the church and outside the church this past year.

What a pleasure it is to see young, and older men and women step up and take leadership opportunities, to help in anyway or any place of service that is needed. This is taking place at our church and God is blessing.

I’m thankful to serve with an awesome staff - one that is in one accord. A staff with family ministry, missions and reaching the lost in our hearts. “Pray without ceasing” for your pastor and staff.
Bro. John