Thursday, January 20, 2011

If Not for the Storms

I thank God that He created music! I am not musically talented, but I enjoy those who are. There are a lot of people who have gone through tough times and God has used Biblical truth through music to minister to their soul. One of my favorite songs is by Larnelle Harris entitled “If Not for the Storms.” You can read the lyrics below or click on the link and listen. Just a great perspective for every Christian, no matter what you are going through.

Verse 1

If all I'd had were blue skies

And days of perfect peace

Always sailing smoothly over

Gentle quiet seas

Verse 2

There's so much about You

I might have never known

But I have faced the wind and waves

And I see how faith has grown

Verse 3

A shepherd strong and tender

I'd only read about

Met me in the middle of

Moments filled with doubt

Verse 4

A provider a protector

A friend who knew my need

There's so much I can tell of who

You've proved yourself to be

Misc 1


Sometimes it's hard to see the reasons

For the trial I'm in

Looking for my earthly point of view

But you have surely proven to me

Time and time again

I can depend on you

To bring me through

Chorus 1

If not for the storm

I couldn't say that You're my shelter

If not for the storm

I would have never known Your strength

I found You so faithful

Through all that You allowed

If not for the storm

There's no way I’d know You

As I know You now