Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy 20th Anniversary to My Bride....

I read something by John Piper years ago, on why he wrote publically about his marriage and what he loved about his wife. In a quick search I couldn’t find the specific post, but in short what I took and applied from it is that most Pastor’s wives seem to be “behind the scenes” people and just as the Proverbs 31 wife was praised at the city gates, it is a good thing to do that if you have a wife that is praise worthy. 

Let me say, literally 95% of marriage has been nothing short of amazing and dare I say easy.  If it wasn’t for the 5% of difficulty we have had,  I would be confused as to what in the world is so difficult about marriage. The truth is God put Michele and I together because everything about her exudes grace and patience and she needs that in spades to deal with me. Once a year on our anniversary, I take a time out on my blog just to publically declare my love and admiration for my bride. We usually don’t do a great deal for our birthdays, but we have always made our anniversary a big deal, because it is. But our 20th we have really tried to celebrate a different way each week leading up to June 11th.   So, unbeknownst to her, I wanted to do something a little different that, if she had known she would have threatened me. But, in a secret and rushed fashion, I just made a quick “highlight” reel of my bride. 

Michele, including our dating, engagement and marriage we have given half of our life to one another, a simple three minute video will never do justice to the great joy you are to me and our boys. Most people will never know how much you have done to display your love and grace to the boys and me, but I am and forever will be grateful that our Lord put you with me. I love you.  Here is a peek into the beauty of my bride….