Monday, June 27, 2011

May This Sicken Us to the Point of Desiring Spiritual Maturity!

I sincerely struggled with posting this - it is sick. But, I can’t help but believe this is what our Father looks at each week in so many of the churches across America. If this makes you nauseous, just stop it at any point…it won’t take you but a moment to get the picture. But, don’t miss the statement toward the end – “you think you are the only one doing it…then you get on the computer and you realize there are all these other people that are doing it….you put away all your adult stuff and everything gets put on hold” – how he normalizes his sickness. The only thing I ask is pray that it doesn’t burn in your brain!
Perpetual spiritual infancy

Posted on May 26, 2011 by Pilgrim

The Christian life is supposed to be one marked by sanctification and spiritual growth, but far too many in church–after years of being a Christian–are no further along in their faith than day one. Essentially they are still nursing on milk when they should be eating meat.

Churches too often make excuses for this lack of fruit in the lives of the masses of professing believers that fill pews on any given Sunday. Others simply pronounce “Judge not” if anyone dares to point out the problem.

But what if we could capture a glimpse of what this would look like in the physical realm? What if we could see with our eyes what this perpetual spiritual infancy looks like?

Wonder no more. The man in this video could be the poster child for the average American churchgoer.