Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What to do with this?

Some people tend to frown at the fact that I and others will mention names from the pulpit of those who distort or deliver a false gospel. If one wonders where this crazy idea comes from…they need only to read Paul. I am fully aware that there is no one that I mention more than Joel Osteen. The reason I “call him out” so often is that we live in a day that many people in churches believe that if numbers are going up, then God must be on it. Let me state this so there is no misunderstanding…God’s anointing or His blessing is NOWHERE near Joel Osteen and his ministry. He doesn’t distort the gospel - he just doesn’t teach anything close to a biblical gospel. Below is a demonstration of his complete spiritual blindness.


Let me help Joel: Mormons are not Christian - they are not kind of right and they are not close to truth. Their teaching is false, it is a cult and it is wickedness. I do not hate Mormons!  By contrast, I long to see them come to Christ. Michele and I have had Mormons in our home on several occasions and have shared the gospel with them. But the Jesus they look to is NOT the Jesus revealed to us in the Word. Does this mean we should not vote for Romney? Certainly not, but neither should I for one moment confuse true Christianity with lie.