Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Trinity Baptist Church,

I love you for what you are, for what you could be, will be and should be. I love the Savior that rescued you and the price that He gave to ransom you, His life. I love how you have held to the Bible as your guide through the years and how many people sacrificed to see you thrive. I love how many individuals died to their preferences for the good of your development in order to unite separate churches as one. I love how you have embraced the new generation of young people and not forsaken the elderly in the process. I love how you have ministered to thousands of people in the booming community of Desoto County and around the world. I love how social you are and how passionate about missions you are. I love the diversity in socioeconomic statuses and the range of ages that exist within you. I love your potential for racial diversity and cultural diversity to represent the power of the gospel to unite.

You are not without spot or blemish, but you will be made white as snow. Your repentance is refreshing and your growth is evident. You have a beautiful exterior physical frame, but your beauty and your substance will still shine if the building falls. People are your substance, devoted people. They are believers that have counted the cost and are living and sharing the Gospel. You are kind and compassionate and have a desire to honor your pastors and to follow Christ. You desire a Biblical community and you are warring for peace. You have endured hardship and disagreements and have persevered. I love you and am captivated by your potential and by your current beauty.

My prayer is that I would love you, sacrifice for you, protect you, lead you, honor you, and mature you. The love of Christ for Trinity Baptist Church makes my love pale in comparison. His love is not merely in the abstract and directed at the Church Universal. It is a specific love for a particular people. It is a love that knows our faults and yet endured the cross for us and has promised to complete us and make us holy. The gates of hell will not prevail against us as the Groom, Christ Jesus, wages our war. Our hope is in Him. Our growth will come from Him. Our direction will be given by Him. He will meet all of our needs as we follow His Word. I love you, Trinity Baptist Church, for all that you are and all that you do. May God be pleased in advancing His Kingdom through you for the sake of His fame!

In Christ,

William Bradford Walker

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