Thursday, February 10, 2011

“Loving My Church”

It has now been four years since I first was introduced to the Church family of Trinity. I can remember that day vividly because of the overwhelming receptiveness and friendliness of our Church body. My family and I were greeted with open arms - and that’s what I love most about our Church. In a church this size we are so different and are at many different stages of life. That’s what makes us so unique!!! If we were all the same, it would make a pretty boring place to be. God has designed and brought together a fellowship of different ethnic backgrounds, cultural background and nationalities that have a common interest in desiring God. In these four years a lot of water has passed under the bridge with changes of faces, ministries, and the vision for the church. Because of these changes, I can say that we are a stronger, more Biblically-based Church than we were when I first joined our fellowship four years ago. I thank God for the “trials” we have experienced because it has brought our focus off of ourselves, and back on God. We are finally realizing that church is not about what we want individually…it is unequivocally about what God desires for Trinity…I can say without reservation, it is a joy to love and to serve my Church!

I also love my Church because of the leadership God has crafted together. We have some of the best Bible study teachers I have ever had the opportunity to serve with. From the teaching on Sunday mornings, to the facilitating of disciplining classes on Sunday evening and during the week, to the “one on one” disciplining of each other, it truly excites and encourages me how God is working within our Church body.

Working on staff at Trinity reminds me how fortunate I am to work with a team that only God could have put together. It is not by accident that God has put this group of individuals together because they are so supportive of each other. Our administrative staff is second to none. I know they each love our Church immensely - they work so hard and are so faithful to the Church and ministerial staff. Finally, it is great to work on a staff that supports each other, loves each other, and has a common goal - which is serving Christ through serving our fellowship!

I thank God for Trinity…


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