Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a Wonderful Time!

This thought of “What a wonderful time this month has been!” has been expressed to me verbally, in cards, letters and to other members of our staff! This month, as we have celebrated “I Love My Church,” has been an incredible time for our Church family. We have already seen 28 people go through our latest New Members Class and we already have about 10-12 more waiting for the next one to start. We have received some of the most stirring love letters to Trinity, which have served as an encouragement and blessing to all who have read them. We have highlighted some incredible ministry opportunities that many of you were not even aware of. We have had people step up to be willing to serve in our Kid Care, AWANA and other ministries, but most of all we have begun to see clear demonstrations of our membership understanding what it means to BE a church and not just to ATTEND a church. As we are headed into our final week of “I Love My Church,” I want to encourage you to finish this last week by “Loving by Inviting.” I want to encourage you to invite your friends, family and co-workers, that do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior to Trinity this Sunday. While we have no control over someone coming to Christ, we all have a responsibility to share the gospel and take every opportunity we are given to invite them to hear the gospel. Please be in prayer regarding this Sunday.

I love you and am overjoyed at what our Lord is doing in our midst. Thank you for your faithfulness, your outstanding letters and your participation in making this month spectacular. I want to encourage all of us to not stop focusing on the incredible grace that God has shown us at Trinity, but let’s make this “I Love My Church Year.” We have so much to be thankful for. I want to close with a few quotes from the letters we have received:

“I love that as a church, we have been through material like Peacemaker and The Marriage series. God has used these teachings to change my attitude at work and home.”

“I love AWANA, the way they teach is amazing. The teachers act like our friends.”

“I love the new found accountability”

“I love my church because people genuinely care about each other.”

“I love Trinity because it has provided me a refuge to come and be encouraged and empowered with God’s Word and Truth!”

“I feel like we are working towards a common goal and that is to spread the Gospel”

“I love that we are challenged to think through Scripture”

“I love the resources on the book table that are so biblical and challenging for me”

“I love my wonderful Bible Fellowship Group”

“Trinity is not like anything I’ve ever been apart of, with solid doctrinal teaching that blows away false religion and biblical ignorance.”

“Trinity always points me to the cross”

“I joined the choir and found what a caring family they are”

“There is so much we love about Trinity but first and foremost is the fact that God is so obviously present and working out His plan in this body.”

“I love Trinity because she has a vision to win the lost to Christ!”

“I believe God is going to use Trinity Baptist Church in a miraculous way to impact the world as we begin to learn and apply the truth of making disciples.”

“I love that we have a children and student ministry that is passionate about training parents to lead their children”

“I love the proclamation of the Word.”

“I love you for your concern for the well being of others.”

There are so many of these types of quotes on wonderful letters in our lobby! Thank you Trinity for allowing this to be such a wonderful month!

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