Monday, August 9, 2010

I Cannot Add a Thing!

I love the local church! I love preaching about how Christ loves her, I love reading about her, and I love watching one understand what a biblical church looks like. While preaching this series on “The Church” I have not only come across some very good books, but also some very good blogs. I have posted a link below to a very interesting blog. Linked below you will see an outstanding post entitled, “Your Church Might Not Be A Church If…” Great job!

TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010
Your Church Might Not be a Church If . . .

You never hear the word "sin" there.

You hear the word "sin," but only briefly or redefined as "mistakes."

You can't remember when you last heard the name of Jesus in a message.

The Easter message isn't about the resurrection but "new opportunities" in your life or turning over a new leaf.

On patriotic holiday weekends, the message is about how great America is.

On the other weekends, the message is about how great you are.

There are more videos than prayers.

People don't sing during "worship," but watch.

The pastors' chief responsibilities are things foreign to Scripture.

There is more money budgeted for advertising than for mission.

The majority of the small groups are oriented around sports or leisure, not study or service.

You always feel comfortable there.

Church membership just appears to be a recruiting system for volunteers.

You only see other church people on Sunday mornings at church.

If your church meets one or more of these, it might be a spiritual pep rally, a religious performance center, a Christian social club, or something else entirely, but it is probably not, biblically speaking, a gathering of the biblical church.

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