Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Ladies

This past weekend I had the joy of spending time with some wonderful ladies in our church. I was able to visit for about 15 minutes with some of our ladies as they kicked off their yearly Ladies Ministry Leadership Team meeting. It was so encouraging not only to speak to them, but to hear what they had to say about the direction of our Ladies Ministry. I had two of these sweet ladies catch me Sunday morning and share their desire for ministry and the passion to, in short, “be Titus 2” women. These ladies desire for our Trinity ladies to teach and learn together what biblical femininity is, what biblical beauty is and to do it across all generations! I watched as ladies in their 20’s and in their 60’s have a passion to walk with God and minister to others – together – and it was nothing short of spectacular.

We live in a day that desires to shrink from the Biblical truth of what leadership should look like in the home, what Biblical submission looks like, and even from what the role of older ladies should be to the younger ladies. In fact, there are a great number of Bible studies in your local Christian bookstore, but I will tell you that the subject matter of Titus 2 will be a lot harder to find than most any other study for ladies. I find it sad that the one thing the Word of God makes crystal clear that godly ladies should teach others is in the minority of material available. This is not to discount the great number of studies that are available even at Trinity today - The Precept Classes and many of the other classes that are offered are outstanding! However, if one fails at following the basic truths of Titus 2, they have failed in their speech, their self control, they have not learned to love their husbands or children, their home is not a priority and they blaspheme the Word of God…well I think based on that, they have failed. We must be consistent in teaching the whole of Scripture and I am thankful that this group of ladies is committed to making sure our ladies have plenty of opportunities to study the Word throughout the year.

All this to say, I am grateful that while being in a culture that puts a greater value on what Oprah says you should be than the Word of God, we have ladies who long to teach, learn and be what God expects them to be. Thank you ladies for your hard work and thank you for your incredible service! I can’t wait to see these ministry opportunities up and going, ladies across our church serving one another in Christ’s love, and to see our generations working together to study and serve in the Word! I am really excited to see what God is going to do in the life of our church in the coming years.

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