Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Lessons Continue...

4. I am the worse sinner I know. While Michele was in the hospital, we had crazy things going on. We were trying to close on a house we are selling and kids camp was approaching - which meant I would have to get the boys packed (Michele does this usually). And, to top it off, since Michele was over recreation at kids camp, I would have to get all the material to someone who would graciously take her place. All of this along with little sleep and a sin nature, led me to be very short with the boys. I was under conviction about this and told the boys that I had sinned against them. As the three of us laid on the bed and prayed and talked about Mom and the rest of the day, they began to say that "we were all tired". I acknowledged that, but pointed out that our circumstances can't excuse our is still sin. It made me and them realize that we need God's grace in every moment, and that sanctification is ongoing until we see Him face to face. It is so easy to let our emotions lead to us excusing our sin - I think the only remedy to that is abiding by the cross daily. Thanks be to our Lord and Savior that we have the honor of doing that each day.

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