Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our July 4th Service....

I love America! I would align with the “Love It, Or Leave It” crowd. I believe She was founded primarily by men, many of whom were believers and those who were not had an understanding of the importance of Scripture. I was raised and served in a town where the primary employer was an Air Force Base. I thank the Lord for the freedom we have in America. However, if one walked into our service Sunday morning they heard the following songs: “O God Our Help In Ages Past”, “God Of Our Fathers”, “I Will Sing Of My Redeemer” and “Jesus Paid It All”. Our goal is not to ignore civil holidays - we want to recognize the wonderful common grace of freedom, just as on Mother’s Day or Father’s day we want to draw attention to these significant roles given by God. But in our worship services, the focus of these days can not be Mothers or Fathers any more than the focus of a worship service can be the blessing of America’s Independence. The purpose of Sunday, July 4th (just as the purpose of any other Sunday the Church meets) is to worship our Savior and glorify God. Many of the songs that we all love to sing and hear sung as we watch fireworks cause us to think of men and women we know who are bravely serving our country and some who have even died fighting for this land…we should have deep appreciation and admiration for the brave soldiers and love for such patriotic songs. But, these songs should not be the focus of our worship or attention during the gathering of the church body…Christ died for His Church, and we should go into a worship service that should be fixed on Him in every aspect. Our songs, sermons, attention and worship should not be divided on July 4, or January 4th . I thank the Lord for Bro. Jon, our choir and our congregation whose focus was on Christ alone Sunday morning as we gathered. It is my prayer that regardless of what our calendars say, when we walk in Trinity Baptist Church our focus will always be on Christ.

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