Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Song for the Saved!

Every week Bro. Jon Rushing does an incredible job of leading us in worshipping our Lord. Some time ago, several of our staff went to a conference and heard a song that he led our congregation in last week. I said then, as I say now…one can differ on styles of music but if a person’s spirit does not rejoice as they sing this song, it should really cause them to examine themselves spiritually! I had to take a blog and just list these lyrics… they are saturated with the gospel (just as every song he leads us in).

I had a man visit me who had joined our church very recently. He said… “What I noticed about Trinity when I came, is that everything happening is dripping with the truth of the Gospel.” There is no greater compliment! I want to just conclude this by posting these incredible words that we sang:

I once was lost in darkest night
Yet thought I knew the way
The sin that promised joy and life
Had led me to the grave
I had no hope that You would own
A rebel to Your will
And if You had not loved me first
I would refuse You still

But as I ran my hell-bound race
Indifferent to the cost
You looked upon my helpless state
And led me to the cross
And I beheld God’s love displayed
You suffered in my place
You bore the wrath reserved for me
Now all I know is grace

Hallelujah! All I have is Christ
Hallelujah! Jesus is my life

Now, Lord, I would be Yours alone
And live so all might see
The strength to follow Your commands
Could never come from me
Oh Father, use my ransomed life
In any way You choose
And let my song forever be
My only boast is You

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