Thursday, July 1, 2010

Think About This...

Family Worship: If you worship together with your child from age 2 until 17 at the rate of 4 times per week in your home and 2 times as a corporate gathering in your local church each week – you will have spent 4,680 worship services with your child! By then, he or she will be ready for college and should know the truth of the Gospel! Proverbs 22:6

A Pastor friend of mine and of Bro. Brad Walker’s, posted the quote above on his FaceBook status. When I read this I was filled with joy! To think that such an effort, when added up, has an incredible impact upon the life of our family. There are so many times that I end our Family Worship more blessed personally than I probably blessed my family. To think back at the way I spent time teaching my boys such simple principles when they were so young, to now at a time of their lives that they are taking notes on eschatology as we worship…wow! Right now they can explain the Gospel more clearly than I could when I graduated High School. The fact that we can worship with our children over 4500 times and teach them incredible life altering truths should motivate us past the “I just don’t feel like it tonight” attitude. I have written several blogs on this, but never stopped to add up all the opportunities. It is such a blessing to “get” to lead my family in worship! Let’s not bemoan the ills of the world, let’s exalt the name of Christ and trust in the power of the Gospel to transform their lives and ours.

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