Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trinity's Peace Making Team

I shared with you as we studied “The Peace Maker” that we must commit that this will be more than a study - but that this must be a way of life. So many of you have shared with me that there have been positive changes in your relationships at work, at home and even in our church - for that we rejoice in the Lord! But the question must be asked, “Is this just one of those things that is here for today and will die out?” To that I say, “May God forbid that to happen!” May we live our lives as Peace Makers - may we be committed to biblical peace making!

I hate to say it, but this is not going to happen – that is, not in and of ourselves! This is contrary to our nature…in our flesh we are slanderers, liars, brawlers, and it is only because of the grace of God and His cross that we do not have to live this way. This Sunday evening at the end our service I will be meeting with our perspective Peace Making Team. I ask you to be in prayer as this team is developed and taught, through the Word of God, how to keep peace in the life of our fellowship. If you recall, I mentioned before that this team was being constructed solely by individuals who had asked me to be on it, or who I had spoken to about being part of this team - to my knowledge, each person that we have record of that had asked me or a staff member about this has been invited to participate. As we meet initially and the expectations are given to this team, and then as training begins, please pray for these men and women of all ages that God will use them to cultivate peace among every group in our church. This is not something a team can do or a staff can do… it must be something a church commits to do! To do this, it will take people with a commitment to keep it in front of us. So, please pray for these people and ask that God works in their hearts and in your heart, to be biblical Peace Makers! We live in a world with too many “Peace Fakers” and “Peace Breakers” - let’s see what God will do with individuals who are committed to handling relationships in a biblical manner…you know, those whose chief desire is that God be glorified! For this to happen, we do not have to guess what God wants us to do - we do not have wait for a feeling but we need to go no further than His Word! I am excited how the Lord will use this team in the days ahead!

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