Monday, January 18, 2010

Grace in Action

Somewhere at the beginning of each staff meeting we, as a staff, discuss “evidences of grace” that were shown the previous Sunday or sometime through the week. Basically, we just mention areas in our lives, in ministries or in our Church family’s life that we see the wonderful grace of God in action. I just want to mention two of the ones that blessed me in an incredible way. I will share them very generally to keep confidentiality for those involved.

Grace Work Number 1: I had a lady in our Church who spoke to me during this Stewardship series on how they had not been obedient in their giving in the past…but God had done a work in her family’s life recently and they began to tithe. She saw God show up in a supernatural way in His provision for her family. Now, two things jumped out to me in this testimony: first, we see the power of the Word of God as we see how God is sanctifying each of us - teaching all of us in different areas what being a steward really means. Secondly, this family got to experience the blessing of God for their obedience. I can not really give in a “worship” of my Lord if I am giving with the motive of Him giving me money back. However, as I give with a worshipful heart and understand stewardship better, I know Him better and become more intimate in my walk with Him. As I know Him better, He becomes the supreme treasure and that is something that I could never put a price tag on!

Grace Work Number 2: I had a dear Church member come to me and expressed what a difficult time they had accepting that we were going to be going through “The Peace Maker” during our Sunday School hour. But, as this individual continued with their story, they explained just how God had moved in their life. This saint of God shared the first Christmas with their adult daughter in three years because of the way God applied the wisdom of this study through their life. Again, this just reminds me what happens when we begin to study the Word of God and are willing to apply it to our life.

All of this to say, it would be a good practice for each family to come home on Sunday nights and discuss the ways they see God at work in their own lives - but also in the lives of the church family around them. I have found that when we come looking for God’s grace at work…we will always find Him working among His people! Hallelujah! What a Great and Mighty God we serve!

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