Monday, January 25, 2010

Freedom for Tomorrow....Today!

Psalm 145:4 “One generation shall praise Your works to another. And shall declare Your mighty acts.”

The verse and phrase above are things that I am going to guess you will become very familiar with if you are a member of Trinity Baptist Church. The phrase Freedom For Tomorrow…Today” along with Psalm 145:4 explains in a succinct manner, our reason for the debt retirement campaign. We desire to remove this weight around our neck in order to be better stewards of God’s money. We have just completed a seven week study on stewardship and the importance of not being weighed down with debt in such a way that would prohibit us from giving towards eternal matters. We do not want the next generation to have to deal with this debt…so our goal is to experience freedom for tomorrow at the present time----TODAY! We are uniting as a church to reduce our debt in a significant manner so we can, in turn, invest in our eternal Kingdom. In the coming days you will be getting a number of mail outs from our church discussing all the details of this upcoming campaign. I am blogging today simply to ask you to be in prayer for the people listed below. Keep checking in as I will give some important dates on my next blog!

David and Kathy Leverett: Bro. David and Mrs. Kathy are the Directors of our debt retirement campaign - please join me in praying for them as they lead out and encourage us, as a church to have Freedom For Tomorrow…Today. I have already been blessed by the serious spiritual approach with which Bro. David and his family have approached this duty.

Eone Riales and Dody Ashman: These two sweet ladies will be heading up a 24 hour prayer vigil and organizing some testimonies during this time. This will also serve as an opportunity for us to build up our prayer teams at Trinity. If you are currently not a part of our prayer ministry, this will be a fantastic opportunity to join! Pray the God brings revival to Trinity through this.

Jim Brown: Bro. Jim will help in leading some our teachers, deacons and staff to make their commitments toward this campaign prior to our Leadership Banquet. We all need to be in prayer about how God would have us sacrifice towards this great effort and our church leadership will do just that – lead out!

Jerebeth Mehler: Mrs. Jerebeth needs a lot of prayer as she is responsible for getting out all of these letters, organizing many of our events and, worst of all…she has to put up with me almost every day of the week! Please be in prayer as her workload will be greatly increased for a bit. Also, if you would be willing to help her with letters and envelopes, I know she would appreciate it.

Sandy Avant: I don’t even know where to begin with Mrs. Sandy! She will be helping with our leadership banquet and any other fellowship that we will have going on for this campaign. We not only have the greatest Wednesday night suppers I have ever had anywhere, but she is so willing to serve in this capacity.

In addition to these wonderful leaders, there will be a great deal that will fall to Bro. Bubba and all the staff during this time. Please keep them in prayer and please take this opportunity to come along beside us and minister in this great task…after all, how many people would not do something to make "tomorrow" better for our children at Trinity Baptist Church? Let's take the steps for Freedom for Tomorrow...Today!

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