Friday, January 29, 2010

Count Your Many Blessings....

I am overwhelmed at God’s goodness to me… I can’t believe He called me out of darkness into light! I can’t believe the grace that He gives me each day. The wife He has blessed me with and how I am overwhelmed at the love and encouragement that she gives me. I have two boys who are saved and who I love more than words can say… and a church that comes ready to hear the Word of God each week! I believe I could write on this subject for days!

Down the road, I would like to take some time and highlight the most wonderful staff I have ever been apart of in my ministry! But I want to do something today that I have never been able to do with an entire staff – because, as the saying goes… “There seems to always be one.” (smile) Today, I want to write a short blog on the unsung heroes of our staff. We have men that are so faithful to our Lord and who come prepared to serve and equip the saints of God each week - one of the primary reasons they can do this is because of those sweet ladies who love them and minister to them, those who encourage them when no one else is watching!

Now, before I even get started….just know that I had this as one blog and it was 3 pages long – so, in no particular order (outside of my wife – after all, I do live with her!), I will post this in two parts! Please know that each of these ladies is an incredible blessing to Trinity and to my life personally as we serve alongside each other….I am truly thankful for the Lord’s grace in allowing us to minister together.

Michele: To me, you are obviously the fairest of them all. You know me, you know my joys and my discouragements, you teach our boys, keep our home and love our Lord. You listen, confront and love me - you keep before me the purpose of my calling when I get overwhelmed. I love you dearly. (Yours will be the shortest paragraph because I must be disciplined or I would embarrass you and probably bore those reading this with my mushiness!)

Carol Ann: For 13 years I have been able to be your Pastor, and you have watched the highs and lows of ministry. I can think of no gap in service that has needed to be filled that you have not only been willing to fill, but did so with joy! I have watched your faithfulness, love and support of Jeff – you have enabled him to be a faithful teacher of the Word to hundreds of children and to encourage families to walk with God. From Praise Teams, Children’s choir, or instrumentalists – you are superb in all! You are an outstanding ladies’ teacher and you faithfully look for opportunities to pour your life into ladies to grow them in their walk with our Savior... but your greatest ministry is the way you minister to your husband and family - and that is how it should be.

Suzanne: I do not know of a lady that exudes a love for all people as you do. When your family came to Trinity, I thought it was a wonderful bonus that you had such an incredible voice… but little did I know that your beautiful voice is not the part of you that God has used to bless Trinity the most - your heart is! You look for opportunities to minister among our body and you do so tirelessly! In the short time you have been here, so many families have been touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness. There are many singers in churches, but there are few true servants in churches - and you are both. The passion Jon has for worship is clear to all…but what is not seen by all is the quiet prayer and support you give him. I have noticed, and I am grateful because it makes him the servant he is.

To Be Continued.....

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