Monday, February 1, 2010

Count Your Many Blessings....Part 2

As I began in my last blog....
I wanted to say "thank you" to an incredible group of ladies who love and support their husbands as they minister to Trinity Baptist Church! These ladies share their husbands, their homes and their hearts with each of us - and until we have walked in their shoes - none of us can understand all that this entails! These ladies are truly a blessing to our Church and a picture of God's grace in our lives!

If you missed it, please read my previous blog before "picking up" here...then, read on!

Rosemary: I have watched as an entirely new staff and their wives walk in, and you have embraced them with love and support! I have watched Bro. John baptize some of your grandchildren and I am aware of his commitment to Trinity over the years… and I am fully aware that his love and passion for his service could not be accomplished without your love for him. Most of the staff’s wives have little ones and, as a result, are involved with their children and other related ministries - you however, in the “freedom” you have with your time, have chosen to pour your life into ministering alongside Bro. John to our sweet people! Our dear people at Trinity have watched you during triumph and adversity, and the testimony they attribute to you is of gentleness and love. Thank you for loving the sweet ladies of the new staff, but thank you for loving your husband, our Lord and Trinity.

Sarah: The steps you have had to take are nothing short of amazing. You have moved from Student Pastor’s wife, Church Planter’s wife, and soon to be Pastor/Missionary wife, all while staying married to the same man! There is probably no job that requires the constant time as that of Student Pastor and Church Planter - but then as I watch you, knowing that in a few short months you and your family will be moving to Vancouver, you never waiver in your commitment to Trinity. From serving on the Ladies Ministry Team, to watching you spend time with our young ladies, to leading songs in Vacation Bible School…you do all this with joy and passion. You do all of this while allowing your kids to “be kids” and leading them to walk with the Lord with great joy. I am thankful that during this short year I have been able to be your Pastor and I am so excited to watch how God will bless your family and ministry in Vancouver. I am thrilled that Trinity gets to be a part of this.

Whitney: As you near that wonderful day when the Crowder baby girl is born, I know there are times (especially during basketball season) you wish you and Bubba could just sit down and take a break! As Bubba’s ministry and title have completely changed, you have adapted as well as he has. Sometimes, being raised in a Pastor’s home can be very difficult, as you share your Dad with an entire church and you see first hand some of the trials of ministry - but as I watch you love your husband and minister in Trinity the way you have done, it is a tribute not only of your love for Trinity, but also to your parents who obviously were able to successfully lift up Christ before you, and the value of His Church more than the shortcomings and disappointments ministry can sometimes bring. Thank you for your servant heart and your willingness to minister in such a sweet way!

Leigh: I have been able to watch all three men in your life - I have watched your boys and husband, and the way you deal and interact with them. The most concise word I have for you is “consistent”. You serve this church, and your family, in a quiet but obvious way! You are content to serve and minister without recognition or spectacle…but you minister in such a way that you have an audience of One who is glorified before all of us by your actions. You speak wisdom and grace to our ladies and to the men in your home…Greg has talked about conversations he has had with you and how the sweet spirit you have has blessed him as a husband. The encouragement you have spoken to me directly or through Greg, has always come at the right time. Thank you for your consistency, and service you display.

Elicia: I have never had a wife of a student Pastor that exemplifies what a godly woman is the way you do… I have watched the tenderness you have with Brad, the care you show in his illness, the patience you have displayed with your boys being sick…and your testimony has been nothing short of wonderful. You exude a gentle spirit and a loving heart. Serving students demands so much of your time and energy and it is a testimony to you, your support and the home you provide, that Brad can minister and love these students in such a powerful way. The fact that our students will have you before them as an example of a godly lady for years to come, thrills me! Your consistent service in the shadows enables Brad to be the Student Pastor he is.

Again, I have never been able to say this but…if my boys were to marry ladies like ANY of our staff’s wives, I would count it a wonderful blessing! (I am excited that they will be raised alongside young ladies that have the opportunity to grow and learn from you!) I love and appreciate you ladies!

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