Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't Forget.....

Please don’t forget this coming Sunday evening - the choir will be doing a special Christmas service and we will be celebrating Happy Birthday Jesus. This service will be very similar to the way we did our "Operation Christmas Child": at the end of our invitation we will take up our offering, and at this point if you have children in the nursery and want them to come down to the altar with you to give your Happy Birthday Jesus offering, this would be the time to go get them. I want to encourage you to involve them in this celebration. Allow them to make a card, participate in giving their own offering - but by all means involve them! As believers we are usually the ones who lament the fact that the Christmas season really is about everything else except Christ, but we are as guilty as the world in the overindulgence of our children and ourselves during this time of year. Look at your budget and notice how much you will give your children and how little we give to Christ - and then make this celebration a priority for your family this year. Much of the reason we are doing this is to really celebrate in a fun way, but also to get our children’s attention focused on what matters most and that is giving not getting. We will then go to our Family Life Center and "sugar everyone up" on birthday cake! Much of this can serve as great discussion and teaching for our children on celebrating the fact that our Savior was born on this earth to die for our sin. Use this as a fun time to worship the one true God.

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