Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 6th...A Very Special Night!

On Sunday evening December 6th Bro. Jon Rushing will be doing something he has never done in a Trinity Worship Service…PREACH! That is right! And no, don’t be afraid - I promise I won’t be singing that night...

Some time ago I asked Bro. Jon to do a sermon on "Worship". I remember speaking with Bro. Jon the first time and hearing his heart and passion for worship! What amazed me most is that he understood worship not from an emotional standpoint (although worship and singing can be and should be emotional at times)... but he was so different because he understood worship from a theological standpoint. To be quite blunt, I have never been on staff with a Worship Pastor who understood theology! Many want to smile, wave their hand and sing songs. Bro. Jon longs to Worship and is wonderfully gifted in teaching the Word of God - and for this I praise the Lord. I have shared with you before, as the Lord allowed me the honor of building a staff here at Trinity, I had the chance to re-evaluate how I have selected staff members in the past. In truth, like most Pastors I looked at resumes, I asked friends, and wanted to know what kind of skills they had. If they passed all these tests then we would discuss theology, methodology and, if I thought he could mesh with the church and the existing staff, I would hire him. Through this and by God’s grace, I had some wonderful staff members that I am close to and who are wonderful godly men - one of which still serves alongside me here at Trinity! But to be honest, many times I would swing and miss - this was because of my wrong thinking and hiring men the way I have watched other Pastors hire men.

When I began to search for staff/elders here, I began with their doctrine, what type of men would recommend these staff members, what they believed about the church, what authors they read, who they loved to hear preach, and could they teach the Word of God? If they passed this level, then we would work through the other areas. I learned that everything must begin biblically, and that means more than “do you believe the Bible is the Word of God” - they need to be able to articulate their doctrine. It is through this focus that God brought together men that I love, respect, and enjoy serving alongside as their Pastor. It is because of this, that I have a man on my staff who can sing, can lead worship, can lead a choir - but I have the utmost confidence in giving him my pulpit and entrusting him not only to sing doctrine, but to teach it! I love you Bro. Jon and believe God will use you greatly Sunday night!

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