Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Event for 2010

In no way do I want to rush 2009 out of here - I love the Holidays, being with family, and playing with my boys! But I want to use this space to give some understanding about a monumental event in 2010 for Trinity Baptist Church! We will begin a debt retirement campaign that will aggressively chip away at what we owe on our auditorium. God has blessed us with wonderful facilities, but we would be poor stewards of what He has given us if we spend over 200,000 a year making minimum payments until my grandchildren celebrate the payoff! The missions and ministries that money could be used for to glorify God, is being sent to a bank each and every month. This has been hanging over the head of Trinity for a while now, and we now have the opportunity to cut most of it down in about 3 years. The day I came, many of you expressed a desire to pay off this debt and that is a wise and realistic goal - so begin praying and planning how God will use YOU, and each member of Trinity as we sacrifice to pay off this building. As we enter into 2010 we will begin to explain in greater detail the process that we will be going through, but the chief motivation for this should be (as in all things) to glorify God. There are some who are already praying and are involved in the preliminary planning...and they will begin sharing with you, and explaining more in detail as we get into the New Year. As for right now, our prayer is that each member will make a commitment to be used of God and to give in a sacrificial way. This will be a spiritual journey to a glorious end! Please be in prayer regarding this great task for the New Year!

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