Monday, December 14, 2009

"Growing" in January

While 2009 is winding down....GROW is gearing up for 2010!!

We have been announcing, praying, discussing, and signing up for G.R.O.W! I am sure you have heard about it in your BFG this past week as the teachers all received letters outlining the teams and week assignments last week. I pray this outreach program will involve more people in personal evangelism that we have ever had previously! There will be times of training for everyone, and then there is a need for some to keep nursery, write letters, and some to visit those who have visited Trinity and, most importantly share the Gospel. So if you have not signed up - yes, you can do so in your Bible Fellowship Group. Your class will be assigned approximately one night a month; you will be giving about 12 hours a year! If you miss your night, you can certainly come on another night - it is our desire to keep your classes together if at all possible so that you have visitation partners and time for fellowship as well. Please don’t just sign up...please make every effort to be involved in this great strategy. We will still be providing a meal and it will still be on Monday nights, but we believe more will be involved by doing it this way, because of the busy schedule that we all have. We have a staff member over each team and they will help you find a partner to go out with and a recommend someone to go visit. If you have never been involved with our outreach at Trinity before please make every effort to be here. If you have been involve previously but had to quit because of work schedule or some other conflict, this is your opportunity to get back involved in carrying out the Great Commission. Let’s see what God does through this in 2010!

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