Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Annie Armstrong Offering:

Ten percent of our Love Offering For Jesus will go towards our North American Missions. This will be an offering that will greatly impact our “Judea”. There tends to be a common “lackadaisical” attitude many times when dealing with missions in North America - but I want to encourage you to look closely at the fields for “they are white with harvest.” You may not believe this to be a true mission field - well, the NAMB says that there are 251 million unbelievers in the United States, Canada and their territories! This is not including the scores of people who fill our churches, week in and week out, that sing the songs and claim the name of a believer, but in truth have no relationship with Christ whatsoever. Do I need to remind you that we have a President who has proclaimed that: “America is not a Christian nation”…? Now I believe the President could not be more wrong - if he were to simply study the history of this great nation he would see evidence of a Christian base, but I don’t believe he is far off if he were to ignore the history and only look at us today. Today we have a government that pays for abortions, teaches our children that evolution is an irrefutable fact, adultery is rampant and there seems to be little reverence and fear of God even in many churches.

Our Annie Armstrong Offering will go to help battle against the great darkness that permeates our culture. It is used to help church planters, it is used to help the disaster relief teams that will go in and help when catastrophes hit our homeland, and other important aspects of ministry. During these times of distress, when people may be more open to hearing someone tell them about the love of Christ – these mission teams are showing them the love of Christ. We have the opportunity to invest in this Kingdom work! Please use this time to pray for those that are in North America – those that are daily ministering in places and to people we may never come across but we have the joy of enabling the Gospel to be delivered to them. What a great joy!

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