Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Dark World....

Plane ticket to Turkey $1,200
Luggage $ 800
Passport and bugspray $ 250

Ready to go? Ready to raise your kids in a foreign country? Ready to learn new cultures and new languages? Ready to exchange comforts of home for uncertainty and bare necessities? Will you be ready to love those who might reject or even hate you and your message? Are you ready? Are you called? Will it be YOU? You can play a role!

Missionaries reaching Turkey with the Gospel Priceless

In leading up to our Love Offering for Jesus, I have been highlighting each of the areas where our money is going. 30% of our total missions giving will go towards our Lottie Moon Offering. This offering will go to directly help the foreign mission efforts of our missionaries throughout the world. We, as God’s people, are called to do all we can to carry forth the Gospel to those who are without Christ. Every Trinity member can not go to every part of the world, but we can help send those who have a heart for a particular area and people group. According to the International Mission Board website, there are approximately 1.5 BILLION people who have not heard the Good News of saving work of Jesus Christ. This offering will directly help our Southern Baptist Missionaries to go to the “uttermost” parts of the Earth - we have the opportunity to invest in this amazing venture! I know we are in time of financial uncertainty, but when America holds the majority of the world’s wealth, I believe it is incumbent upon each of us to do what we can to help the Good News of Jesus Christ go throughout the World. There has never been a day that more desperate than ours – we live in a day that we are not just dealing with the destiny of souls, we are dealing with the destiny of the entire world. Take a moment and watch the video below and try to put a price tag on the necessity of evangelism.

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