Sunday, July 19, 2009

Important Dates Coming Up for our Trinity Family!

I want to take some time on this blog and ask you to put some very important dates on your calendar. These will be very “big days” in the life of Trinity and I trust that you will be in prayer, asking God to direct your desires in what area of service you will be involved in:

August 23 & 30: On Sunday morning August 23rd as a church we will be making a commitment to our Love Offering For Jesus. This will cover all of our Missions giving for the year. We will begin our actual giving on August 30 and will give each week until December 27th . At the end of these 18 weeks most of the families at Trinity will probably give more to missions than they ever have previously. Use this opportunity to encourage your children to give and express to them the importance of carrying the Gospel throughout the world. As you discuss this decision in the days ahead, include your children in the discussion – talk about what you spend each week on eating out, coffee at Starbucks, entertainment and/or cell phone bills….then talk about how God can do miracles with ANYTHING we commit to Him….each week let them be a part of the “collection” and discussion of missions in your home! Maybe choose one missions area to highlight each week and discuss the work they are doing and pray for them every night at dinner or before bed! Every member of Trinity should give to this in some way, we must be a church that will put feet and money to the Great Commission. When we receive the total amount we will send it out in the following percentages that the Missions Team had set up previously:

30% Lottie Moon
10% Annie Armstrong
1% Margaret Lackey
1% Farrow Manor Children’s Village
1% Gideon’s
57% Missions Operations (TBC)

September 2: A brand new schedule is underway for Wednesday nights!! As we begin AWANA, it will require some more time to assure everything will get done for our boys and girls in this exciting new adventure. There will be more information on the way but here is the schedule/times for our Wednesday evenings. Please make special notes of the time changes for the areas of service you are in and “be there!”(smiling)….

4:45 – 5:50 - Dinner in Gym
6:00 – 7:15 - Bible Study in Sanctuary
6:00 – 7:30 - AWANA
7:15 – 8:30 - Choir Rehearsal

September 6: A day that we have been talking about and praying about will finally be upon us: we will begin our Peace Maker Sunday School curriculum! Our children, students, and adult classes will all be going through this wonderful series. I will also be preaching on this subject in our main service. This should be a life changing endeavor for Trinity Baptist Church as we focus on honoring Christ and glorifying Him in every area of our life, including conflict!

September 13: We wanted to wait until Labor Day weekend passed, so this is the week that our brand new Sunday Schedule will begin! As you can tell from the following changes, we will be offering our Bible Study classes on Sundays from 4:30-5:50. Now, obviously you can meet another night for Bible study if desired (with the exception of Wednesday), but the classes that normally meet on Wednesday will move to this hour as a general rule. We are doing this so AWANA can be the focal point on Wednesdays and we can allow as many people as possible to serve in this area. Please notice also that Kids' Praise will give our children an area of service while our parents are in their classes as it will meet during this time slot! We will offer separate classes for men, women, as well as a parenting class.

9:00 Bible Fellowship Groups
10:30 Worship Service
4:30 Bible Study Classes and Kid's Praise Classes
6:00 Evening Worship Service

As always, there are plenty of ministry opportunities in the areas of Nursery, AWANA, and Choir! I cannot think of a better time to jump in and get into the swing of things, than now when the new schedule will necessitate some changes! We have moved some times/ministries around in an effort to allow more of our members to be involved in more ministries – this is your chance to get in on it! Now, you can be in choir, do a Bible Study AND help in AWANA – all at the same time! Oops…and keep nursery one time a month as well (I wouldn’t leave that out – everyone should be on that list already!)…And, while you are ministering and growing, your children will be as well as they are involved on Wednesdays in one of the best Scripturally based children’s ministry tools out there, and they will be in Kids’ Praise on Sunday afternoons!

There are many things going on over the next few months - get in on it and expect God to do some great things our church family during this time! Now would be a great time to invite your friends to Trinity and to get in touch with those who have been out for a little while! The fall is a great time to “gear up” and get in motion – there is plenty to do and areas of service for everyone…what a great time to get involved!

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