Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trinity Baptist's Parent Summit This Saturday!!!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about Joshua Harris’ book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and wrote about some things that, as parents, we really should consider. Let me reiterate, I am afraid the reason that often times we fail to come to Biblical conclusions is that we seldom ask the right questions. I know I never considered the idea of teaching my boys that there are actually alternatives to dating, until I heard of Joshua Harris. Even when I heard of him, initially my reaction was that this was just some guy who was pushing his conviction on the masses and he would probably garner a following or movement, but it would pass. However, as I became more educated as to the thinking regarding dating, I really began to ask myself questions like: “Why am I so closed to thinking another way about dating?” Well, when I gave an honest answer, it was because I dated and so did everyone else I knew. I really thought, “What was the harm?” After all, even though my boys were very young at the time, I already hoped that they would find a godly wife, and had, in fact, prayed for that from day one. So, how could they find a wife if they didn’t date? But, then I had to ask more probing questions like: “Was I, and the young ladies I dated, better Christians because of our date life?” I have to be honest; I wasn’t as consumed at that time with knowing Christ as much as I was getting to know and impress the young lady I was dating. Then, I asked myself, “Does the dating culture enhance or impede the purity of heart, soul, mind and body?” Honestly, as I look around at the present time, and think back to the Churches I have been a part of growing up, and I noticed that even relationships between godly young men and women will impede godliness as a general rule.

After answering those questions and dealing with some tough answers, I knew that I was blessed enough to gain this conviction prior to my boys even asking about dating. It was during this time, when they really had little interest in girls, that I wanted them to think through these questions Biblically. All of this to say, that regardless of where you are with your child, this Saturday will be an incredible opportunity do two things: (1) Open up communication about various topics: this will be the main topic as you and your kids will be together involved in fun interactive discussions. There will be an array of subjects, discussions and fun for the entire family. (2) In the bonus session Bro. Brad, Bro. Jeff and I will have an open discussion of what “courting” looks like and how it can be a reality, not a fantasy, in the life of your family and students.

You make time to take your kids to ball games, band, and a variety of other activities- make this a priority this Saturday - you will not regret it. Be at Trinity for this exciting event and expect God to do a great work in the life of your family.

By the way: I wanted to mention a very special event that will begin this Friday at our local football games and want to encourage all of our church members to participate in some way – it is our Desoto County 4 Prayer events. You can find out more about it on their Facebook page or their web-site here

I am so thankful that we have many of our parents and students involved in this effort. May God be glorified through this!

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