Monday, May 9, 2011

A Praise and "Thanks" from Your Pastor!

I am so excited to see what God has done at Trinity. I want to just express my gratitude to our Lord, and this body of Trinity Baptist Church, at the way God is working among us! On May 15th we will complete our New Member’s Class (I will write more about this at the end of the month), and on that evening our Children will bless us with their end of the year program. We have such diligent faithful workers who teach our children not only music, but the truth of the gospel. We will welcome about 25 FAMILIES on this night and have a fellowship in their honor - this will give us a chance to meet them and welcome them into our Trinity family. Most, if not all of these families, are already setting up to serve in some ministry.

I also just want to take a moment and share the overwhelming joy I had when I inquired about our VBS. Typically, it is very difficult to find enough workers for our Vacation Bible School and there are several reasons for this: (1) Many people are on vacation (2) Our VBS is during the day and we have many people that are working during this time (3) Summer is just a busy time because of ball and other kinds of events. I had intended to speak for a brief moment on Sunday to do a push for more help - only to discover that for the first time in recent history, we already had two front and back pages filled up with volunteers! Last year we had a very difficult time getting everyone to come in to do training but, as of the time I am writing this, I was told we may not need to have any additional training times because so many have already gone through the training. Now obviously, with so many boys and girls we can always use more help, but it is astounding at the progress we have made since last year! Thank you for the passion you have to minister to children in our county - thank you in advance for the hours you will spend teaching these children the basics of the gospel! There are many in our church family that will take vacation during this time in order to serve, there are others who volunteer hours setting things up for this event but will never see the children enjoy it because they will be working… I am overwhelmed at the sweet spirit that is going on in our fellowship now. Thank you for focusing on the Kingdom, thank you for loving these boys and girls, and thank you for allowing me to serve beside you - each day it is becoming sweeter!

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