Monday, May 30, 2011

The End of Another Month!

This year is flying by! It is hard to believe that we are heading into the half way point of 2011, isn’t it? As we close out May 2011, I wanted to just highlight some things that occurred this month that may have been overlooked by many, but we should give thanks for:

• I finished our second New Member’s Class of the year and it was culminated by a fellowship on May 15th where we had 25 New Families invited after our evening service!

• Our AWANA Awards night was a huge success - we had so many adults work so faithfully to help our children hide the Word of God in their hearts at an early age! Thank you AWANA workers who love and serve our children with such faithfulness.

• As you are reading this, we have a Mission Team in Arizona, another one preparing for Paraguay, and another one getting ready to head to Vancouver to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

• We completed our PG Class as we, as parents, walked through the amazing book The Heart Of Anger by Lou Priolo. We had several visiting families that attended this once a month, for three months!

• We completed our first quarter of Men’s Fraternity where we had around 50 men each Thursday morning, who gathered around the Word of God to discuss what Biblical Manhood looks like. (By the way we will begin our next session of Men’s Fraternity August 11th).

All this in May!  Not to mention that we have no new members who have come to join Trinity that are still “in waiting” because they have not attended the New Member’s Class - all of them are coming in and getting faithful immediately! We have a new Prayer Ministry that is up and running and several new ministries starting. We have new families, and families that have been here, who have shown incredible commitment to this body for the long haul! I love you and I am honored that we have continued this journey together. We have summer upon us with Kid’s Camp, VBS and wonderful mission opportunities in our Jerusalem and in the utter most parts of the Earth! Let’s not take our hand off the plow!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what an exciting time for TBC - praise God!
Carole and I are having a great time seeing this great country of of ours: seeing the historic Route 66; standing on the corner in Winslow, AR; the Grand Canyon; and now Yosemite National Park! We marvel and praise God for letting us be a part of His magnificent creations.
However, we do miss our church family and look forward to seeing y'all soon ...