Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Say No

In February I posted this blog and several weeks later I received a response from a young lady (she gave her first name, but it is not important here - what is important is what she said):

I'm 17, and I have to 100% agree with everything that you said. It really struck me when you mentioned the emotional loss in relationships that break up, even if there was no sexual loss.

Personally, I've gone too far in every sense, and I'm aware of it. I regret it wholeheartedly, and am only now, a year later, beginning to be able to rely on God to fill me up again.

If I could have been taught one thing about relationships, it would have been everything that you just mentioned. God should come first, in every sense. It saves a lot of heartache.

My heart and prayers go out to this sweet young lady and I really hope she is a member of Trinity - that she has the opportunity to sit under the teaching of the Word of God in our worship - and also to sit under the leadership and teaching of Bro. Brad Walker, who teaches and partners with parents to give a biblical perspective of parenting and how relationships of believers should differ from those of the world. In the coming years, we at Trinity have an opportunity to set an environment or expectation of what relationships with the opposite sex should look like for our students. We have incredible books like “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris that will allow us to get a biblical perspective of how we should view relationships and what we should encourage and discourage. How refreshing it would be in the future, when our children hang out with one another, regardless of which family’s house they are in (if they are members of Trinity) we can rest assured that there is a very consistent biblical expectation of them and their interaction with one another. May God use the testimony of this sweet young lady that wrote on my blog, to call parents out of their slumber and move them into interacting, leading and teaching their children how to biblically interact with other believers of the opposite sex. This is a responsibility that far too long we have watched happen, rather than working to accomplish.

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