Monday, May 24, 2010

How Does A Lost World Know?

I thank the Lord for the evangelistic opportunities he give us. There are times we have the glorious privilege to present the gospel in casual conversation with a virtual stranger, there are other times we can share the gospel with a family member or co-worker that we have been building a relationship with for some time. However, one of the most unique ways we have of presenting the Gospel has come recently; I call it the 1st Jn. 4:20-21 way. We have a church member who has developed a relationship with a precious young lady - this lady simply started coming to our church because some church members were kind to her child. Then, she began watching people in our church interact with each other - her response was: “It is really strange here - you guys act like you really love each other, and you act like a family.” This is what can happen when a church…well, acts like a church. When the world examines our love for one another, our fellowship with one another, as they watch different people of different ages with different backgrounds interact, they have no logical, worldly way of explaining this. This lady discussed a previous “church experience” where the people just went to church and went home - but she was impressed by the way Trinity liked to be together.

What is happening at Trinity is not a mystery; it is not a secret…and not shocking. It is what happens when God’s people make an attempt to deal with one another according to the Word of God. It is what happens when 1st Jn. 4:20-21, 4:11; 1st Jn. 2:8-9; 1st Jn. 3:18 are put into practice among the people of God. When the lost watch the church in action, it should be evident that something is different, that even when we have differences we deal with them in a biblical manner. I attribute this change at Trinity only to the working of God’s grace among His people…He has used books like “The Peace Maker” and other instruments that point us to His Word. I don’t know of a week that has gone by that I have not received an e-mail or had a conversation about the changes that are going on in the lives and homes of our fellowship! I want to encourage you to “not grow weary in well doing.” Our purpose is to bring glory to our Lord, to exemplify as a church what God’s grace can do in our lives, and that our only bond is the love of Christ and His grace at work in our lives. In saying all of this, now that we have people that enjoy being at Church, they enjoy worshipping our Savior and fellowshipping with one another, we must battle, work, endeavor to keep the unity. Paul exhorted believers to do this, and we must exhort one another to do this. I thank God for the grace at work in our fellowship, but we must never take it for granted!

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