Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Very Important Service...

I primarily use this blog to share with our Trinity Fellowship but also in hopes to communicate with other believers. I will usually post twice a week, however this week will be my only post because I want it up the entire week. Thursday I will only put up a reminder to be in prayer for this service:

November 8th could be service that will forever change our church! On a cold Sunday night in early December, almost a year ago now, we had around a thousand people show up on a Sunday EVENING and vote that they believed God wanted me to the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church. I accepted that position believing God had a great work to do here in our fellowship. I believe one of the primary reasons God has allowed me to be your Pastor will be revealed during this service. For years to come, November 8th service will be viewed one of two ways: First, it could be viewed as a life altering moment for our fellowship where hearts were stirred and God fell mightily! Secondly, it could be viewed as an opportunity for God’s grace and power to fall upon Trinity – but we rejected what God wanted to do in our church. To be frank (as I suppose I always am), this will not be a service that we will leave without stirring or conviction - In fact, it will be an opportunity for us to turn to God or for Him to turn from us. In the year that I have been your Pastor, you know that I have never been one to build to a single moment…I am not a promoter - but I have been called to be a Preacher. I am not using hyperbole to gain a crowd that night and in fact, I really only want those who truly love Trinity and desire to be long term members of this family to come that night! I want you to know this is not going to be a surprise celebration; it is not going to be a giant party. This is going to be a time to do business with a HOLY God, a time to hold a mirror up to ourselves, and a time to make or break the future of Trinity. I find myself extremely hesitant to put so much emphasis on one service - but what will take place this night will not be a simple service, it will be the beginning of change! This is not the power of our work, but the power of His Word. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday evening!

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