Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outreach - Time Well Spent!

There are many prospects that come through the doors of Trinity Baptist Church. They range from families who visit our church, to children who are involved with All Star Basketball, even ladies who attend some of our ladies events. The problem, sadly enough, is that all too often we don’t have enough people consistently involved in outreach to see all of them! Some of this has to do with a lack of concern for the lost, but much of it has to do with the lack of time. I came across these statistics and to be honest was shocked with how much time we waste! According to research done by Priority Management, did you know that in the life time of the average American he/she will:

• Six months sitting at stoplights
• Two years unsuccessfully returning phone calls
• Seven years waiting in line (ever been to Disney World)
• Nine years in front of the TV

Wow, what a waste! In January, we will be beginning a brand new way to do outreach. We are asking that you give about 8 hours - per YEAR! When you add in holidays and add in June-August (where all teams will go together one time a month) you come up with 8 hours a year. Our desire is that every member of our church can participate in this program. We will divide each Sunday School class into either a G-Team, R-Team, O-Team, or W-Team and we will ask that they try their best to be at outreach on their assigned week. Now certainly, if you can’t make it you can come on another team’s night. In fact, if you like you can come every team’s night if you want. We will have several opportunities for you during this time: (1) We will have new in town packets that you can simply drop by and welcome new families into the area (2) We will have letter writers (3) We will have prospects: those who have visited our church and need a visit (4) We will have those who have not been in some time and we need to check on them. (5) We will need some to volunteers to keep the nursery. I can assure you that you can be involved in one of these 5 areas! When you receive your list to sign up for this new ministry, please be willing to give 8 hours a YEAR for an organized plan to share the Gospel!

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Courtney said...

I think that sounds great! Always something exciting going on at Trinity! PRAISE GOD! =)