Monday, September 28, 2009

Tireless Service

Wednesday night I was preaching to a wonderful group of people in our auditorium…while it was a great crowd in that room, I mentioned that we have A LOT more children in AWANA! (In fact, a lot more than we expected we would have for our first year of AWANA) I let them know that we needed some more people to help in that ministry right away. To my surprise, before I made my way out of the auditorium there were already six names of members willing to serve! While our AWANA volunteers are from a variety of ages, one of the groups that blessed me the most was that of our young couples. Many of the men and ladies that I saw serving, and even those who signed up that night, were already actively involved in nursery and in several other ministries… and I am sure after a long day on a Wednesday, it probably would be very helpful to come in and just sit down and hear the Word of God. The blessing is they “esteemed others more highly than themselves.” I thank the Lord for our families with children at Trinity… many times they are doing the most and are still the first to serve! There are dads and moms with children who have homework and sports activities, and yet who still make it to outreach, who still teach a class, and still faithfully serve or sing or minister! They are the group we have seen the most numerical growth in on Sunday night and they are actively growing through Sunday School and Bible Study. I would love to tell you how much each of these families encourage me… the way many of our young men have stepped up to begin leading their families in worship and being willing to be held accountable to other men! This has been one of the greatest blessings for me personally as a Pastor! All this to say, thank you Men and Ladies for your hard work and service for the saints at Trinity. I know you may grow weary at times, I know you come to church tired many days. I know you have run your children around for the entire week… thank you for making Christ your priority! I truly am honored that I get to be your Pastor, I love you dearly and appreciate your dedication to your Lord and your Church family!

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