Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Precious Ministry

One of the joys of being able to be at the church during the day is that I get the opportunity to see ministry done that most other people have no idea is going on. I just walked into Mrs. Jerebeth’s office, and I saw bags containing 36 receiving blankets and burp cloths for precious new born babies. For about four hours today, we had 24 senior adults that took their time and hand made these beautiful blankets for new babies. They did this because there was a need in our local crisis pregnancy center - a center that literally saves the lives of preborn babies throughout the mid-south area. When I saw these blankets and thought of these sweet men and ladies who not only gave their time, but gave their money to make these for babies they will probably never see, must less hold, I thought of Christ taking time to pick up little children and in fact, gave them as an example to teach truth concerning the Kingdom of God. It is a wonderful thrill for me as your Pastor, to have just written a couple of weeks ago about how so many of our young couples are serving in so many areas, and now I have the opportunity to write about the number of our senior adults now serving in this ministry! I love the fact that so many of you, of so many ages, are finding ministry needs and reaching out to meet them. I also find it amazing that both ministries mentioned are dealing with children - it is not by coincidence that we are seeing so many boys and girls come in the doors of Trinity Baptist Church! When across all age groups we see people being servants and understanding that as believers we must “esteem others greater than ourselves”, then and only then will we begin the process of being a healthy church. I believe we are headed that direction - we have so many of you who are so faithful in your service for our Lord and in this body. From making blankets (that this side of heaven you will never know how God used them), to changing diapers, holding a crying baby, helping a child learn Scripture, to singing in the choir or playing in our orchestra…and all of them are real ministry actions if the goal is to glorify God and encourage other believers! I praise the Lord for the variety of gifts and talents He has given the body of Trinity Baptist Church.

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