Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Amazing Opportunity!

In the coming months we will have more prospective members walk in the doors of Trinity than any other time of the year! That ought to perk our ears, huh? The amazing thing about these prospects is that many of them do not know Christ, and they will be here for several weekends in row! Here is the question of the hour for Trinity Baptist Church…
Will we give them the Gospel?
Will we care enough to be here for them?
Or will we just go about our church life never really noticing?

The opportunity that is set before us is our All Star Basketball League. Boys, girls and their parents (many of whom do not know Christ), will walk through the doors of Trinity and we are faced with the question, “What will we do with this opportunity?” We need coaches (you will receive training and plenty of materials for not only basketball, but for Bible Study and Evangelism!), we need members to be there to represent Trinity, we need parental involvement, and we need a passion for the lost.

I want to ask you to go ahead and begin praying that God sends us boys and girls who need the wonderful grace that only our God can deliver! Pray that coaches will not only teach basketball, but more importantly proclaim the Gospel. Please invite boys and girls to be involved with this wonderful ministry…talk to neighbors, families at the grocery store, friends at school and work, families on your sports teams in the community…tell them all! Bro. Bubba has directed us toward the All Star Basketball League this year in an effort to minimize your costs for involvement (it is almost half the cost, per child, of Upward) while at the same time, he and his team have worked very hard to be sure that this league will have the same great quality that we have had in the past. Please pray for him and his team as they carry out plans for this great evangelistic opportunity. Make it a high priority, as we head into the winter months, to make this whole league and the families that will be impacted, a matter of prayer….. See Bro. Bubba to find out how you can get involved so we will not let this harvest opportunity pass us by!

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