Thursday, June 11, 2009

Truly Blessed

Prov. 31:29 “many daughters have done well, But you excel them all”

I love having a blog on which I can communicate with people, especially with the church I love so much, here at Trinity. I enjoy getting to share my heart and thoughts to the number of people in our church who follow my blog, as well as with others who I love deeply, but I am going to take a moment of personal privilege on this blog today. I remember when I was about 20 years old, I was at a preaching conference with my Dad and I told him something that probably showed wisdom beyond my years in this matter: I said, “Dad, I have noticed something about preachers, God usually allows them the blessing of marrying way over their head.” I must confess that 15 years ago, on June 11th God allowed me the honor of marrying way over my head.

She is not only physically beautiful, she is beautiful in every way. The Word of God describes beauty in terms of truth, virtue, holiness, purity, modesty: I can tell you that Michele is the most beautiful lady I know. She has watched me on my worst days, the days when I didn’t want to be with me, and she has loved me. More times than I care to mention, she has gently reminded me of my sermons on the providence and sovereignty of God, when I felt things were out of control. She has encouraged me as I have stood on truth through the years and my motives would be questioned by those who would rather take the path of least resistance…all the while knowing in my heart how I longed to follow the same path, but God has used her to remind me who I would answer to on that final day. I think of Susannah Spurgeon (wife of the “Prince of Preachers”, Charles Spurgeon) how she, being sick so often and unable to go out with him, had this ministry to Charles Spurgeon - she would just give him the encouragement to preach boldly and face dark days… I have married a lady cut from that cloth. I have been blessed by God to have wonderful parents and a family who I love deeply, with boys who love the Lord, but outside of my salvation and calling to the ministry, the greatest blessing I have ever been given is Michele. She has been faithful to me as her husband but also as her Pastor, she has poured her life into our boys: she is a true keeper of the home. She opens her mouth with wisdom and her tongue is the law of kindness. She watches over the ways of her household and she does not eat the bread of idleness. Her boys will one day rise up and call her blessed; but her husband does so today. I love you and I again tell you: many ladies have done well, but you my darling, exceed them all!

I love you - Happy Anniversary!

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