Monday, June 15, 2009

FYI Trinity...

I just want to mention to you some things to be in prayer about concerning some upcoming events in our life at Trinity.

June 21: This will be our VBS celebration day as the kids present all that they have learned in the morning services! And, by the way, Happy Father’s Day! We will have regular services that evening as well.

June 22: Please make this date a priority. Because of summer schedules and the lower number of visitors we have during this time, for the summer only we are going to once a month visitation. Because of this we need mass participation, so please pray for this but also attend this very special night.

August 9: We will be kicking off our Peacemaker Sunday School Curriculum. Use this as a fresh start to get active in Sunday School, be here on time and expect God to do a great work as we walk through the Word of God together.

August 23-December 27: We will be giving towards our love offering for Jesus. We are asking that members commit to weekly or monthly giving towards all of our mission endeavors for the year (except our budgeted missions). If you have been giving towards missions throughout the year as some do, we will add that to this total also. We will break up this total amount and give out of this to our Foreign Missions (Lottie Moon), North American Missions (Annie Armstrong), our State and many of our Church missions. We will be showing the percentage break down in the coming days. One hundred percent of this offering will go to missions, and we will probably have a record offering for missions by doing it this way!

Those are just a few dates to be praying and preparing for! Thank the Lord for these opportunities we have to serve him!

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