Thursday, May 21, 2009

Never Again....

"Never Again..." I uttered this statement when I sat back and looked at my calendar when we discussed cancelling evening services on Mother’s Day and Memorial Day… I was told that it is what had been done in the past. While some of you thought that maybe I was “going easy on you” and other such touchy-feeling stuff - I went ahead and did this simply because I felt this Heavenly Home series was so crucial for our families (especially our young families) to feed on. In truth, it is usually our young families that will travel on these days. So don’t get your hopes up of this happening again – enjoy it while you can! (smile)

While, there is nothing wrong with changing our schedule at times, I would submit for Trinity and where God is taking us, that there is not a service more crucial that Sunday nights. On Sunday mornings we have a great number of guests - on Wednesday nights we are spread out all over the campus - but Sunday night… that is the one true family time we have as a church. You at Trinity have caught this, we have almost tripled in our attendance on Sunday evening and that is outstanding! This is going to be the glue that holds our church body together through the years. We are not on a time schedule on Sunday evenings as we are on Sunday mornings and therefore some of our greatest worship as we study and as we sing will be on Sunday nights. Several of you have shared that you missed it when we didn’t have Sunday evening service on Mother’s Day (maybe just buttering up your pastor? Nahh…) so while there may be times we shift things around because of certain events, we will not be cancelling family nights too often. So be here this Sunday morning and expect God to move in a great way as we worship in Spirit and in Truth and then we will resume family nights next Sunday night with a GREAT worship service with Bro. Jon and Suzanne Rushing in a mini-concert before I preach.

Just as a note: on June 14th we will have our Sunday evening service at a very special time in order for us to have a big Vacation Bible School celebration. So come ready to worship, ready to sing, ready to celebrate! I will see you then.

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Anonymous said...

The time is short and the days are evil. We need to be under the preaching and teaching of the WORD as much as possible! Praise the Lord!