Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Day Has Come!

I have used this blog primarily for our church, but also for believers in general. However, over the last 8-10 months my focus has been intensified for our faith family. This week as I am writing,  I am ecstatic because Sunday morning at 9 am we will celebrate a new day at Trinity. I think of where we were as a church body, almost 6 years ago. I think of those who God has brought us - those with a passionate vision of reaching our world with the gospel, as well as those who have been here from the very beginning of my ministry at Trinity.  We have hired staff, we have written by-laws, we have met at different times for worship, Bible Fellowship Groups and in different places. We have clarified our mission and priorities. All of us have gone through times where it would have been easier to move elsewhere, but something in us just knew there was something more, that God was really up to something. We struggled to find an new building, then all of a sudden God placed us in the midst of the largest neighborhood in North Mississippi. We have covenanted together to walk this life side by side with grace and truth, to honor our God. To say the least it has been an amazing ride. I can say with total honesty that I am honored and excited to be Pastor of Trinity! You have been faithful and have developed a true hunger and expectation for the Word. I will write about several things regarding our new home in the days ahead, but the purpose of this blog is to simply give some logistical direction.

Below you will find a map, our Parking Team will be in place to direct and our Greeter Team will help you find your way to our auditorium and temporary nursery area.  We will have our nursery open from infant-4 yrs old. We will begin Children’s Church once again in 2015. There will only be three-four entrances ready for Sunday, but this will still allow traffic flow to run smoothly. Please pray for these services and don’t forget our prayer walk Saturday at 10 am. I am so looking forward to seeing what God does with us in this new phase of life.

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