Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Time of Personal Privilege

There are very few times a year when I just take a moment and blog about something that really doesn’t pertain directly to ministry or TBC, but it is just "near and dear" to my heart. Today is one of those days…  because tomorrow is Administrative Assistants’ Day. I have never hidden the fact that five years ago, upon becoming Pastor at TBC, I had never worked in a more toxic environment whether it be ministry or secular. Through time, truth, leadership and personnel changes things began to turn day by day. Today, we have a mixture of ladies who have been serving the Church before I ever became Pastor to some who have come on as early as this year, and let me say without any hesitation or doubt that I have never worked with a sweeter, more gracious, unified group of ladies at any time in my life. We are in the  process moving our entire congregation into a new facility all the while sharing our present facility with another congregation – along with all the “behind the scenes” chaos that accompanies this type of undertaking.  I thank the Lord for the grace, love and patience He has given both church families, but let me say that there is not a group of people in either congregation or on either staff that has been more affected, displaced and moved around as much as the Administrative Assistants at TBC. While they have been the most disrupted group, I can honestly say they have been the group that has complained the least (including your Pastor).

Mary, Debbie, Peggy, Carol Ann, Mrs. Shirley and Michele…I want you to know that you sweet ladies make the toughest times manageable and even the tough work enjoyable. Your sweet spirit, your love and dedication for our Church body, and the passion you show for our Lord has encouraged me in so many ways.  The grace and patience you have displayed to your Pastors and leadership is nothing less than sterling. Our Church only knows a fraction of what you do and I only know a small percentage I’m sure, but please know that I speak for all of our Pastors when I say that as wonderful as you have been in the past, it pales in comparison to how you have been through the last several months. One of the greatest joys I have is to not only serve as your “boss,” but that you also allow me to serve as your Pastor and you have loved, prayed and been so faithful through every transition. I just want to jump out one day early and let you know that we love you and simple words of appreciation or recognition can never express my personal gratitude. Thank you for what you have done and thank you so much for they source of encouragement you have been to me through these years. You are greatly loved and appreciated.

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