Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So Perfect.....

Every Wednesday is my counseling day. I set this practice very early in my ministry because I found that there is no better time to disciple people than walking through adversity or hurt with them. But, I also did it because I make it clear that this is my day set aside for you. Now, obviously there are emergencies and other issues that sometimes may change that, but as a rule I will counsel every member that wants to see me and that I can possibly fit in on Wednesday. I try to hold my counseling appointments to one day a week because I believe I also have an obligation to guard my study/preaching preparation time for you.  We have great men on our staff who counsel other days, but I love our people and find that it helps me teach and even see some practical application of biblical teaching in the lives of our people. I must confess that some days it is burdensome and tiring, but there has never been a Wednesday that I have not felt that at least one appointment was well worth the investment. 

I was counseling with a couple several weeks ago and there was a obvious communication issue. After we dealt with the heart issues, I showed them this video because it was an ridiculously funny illustration of how many times men and women miss things because of communication problems. One of my favorite videos!!!


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